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This is the articles page, where you can begin browsing for any articles related to the skin problem you’re looking for.

Obviously, listing all those articles from A to Z in one page would prove to be a tiresome and confusing experience. Not to worry, though – I do understand the need to access the most relevant articles without any hassle, so I’ve already organized the articles according to their topics.

Listed below are the various skin problems currently covered by at least one article in this website, along with a brief description of their symptoms so you know what you’re looking for:

  • Demodectic Mange – Extensive loss of fur, reddish skin and lesions usually seen on fur. Constant itching.
  • Dog Yeast Infection – Rashes and sores, usually itchy. Also causes greasy, smelly discharge. Usually found in moist areas.
  • Accral Lick Dermatitis – Wounds and rashes, most prominent on a dog’s forelegs. This skin problem is usually caused by the dog’s incessant licking.
  • Fleas – The classic skin problem. Itchy skin and rashes due to the parasite.
  • Hot Spots – More a symptom than a skin problem, hot spots are bald patches of inflamed skin due to aggravation.


If you don’t see your topic of choice here, feel free to contact me, and I’ll do my best to get it sorted.

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