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Demodectic Mange

A dog with a severe case of mange, found in Indonesia.

Source: Wiki Commons

Demodectic mange is a skin problem caused by the demodectic mite, and is one of the more common skin conditions found in dogs.

In this section, you’ll be able to find out more about demodectic mange; what causes it, how it affects dogs and most importantly, how it can be treated.



Dog Mange: Why Bugs Are Mean – An introductory piece, this article serves as a very brief summary of what demodectic and sarcoptic mange is, what causes it, and some ideas of treatments.


Demodex Mange: Four Important Questions to Ask – This article focuses on the basic questions dog owner should ask about mange. Topics covered include the root causes of mange, how it affects a dog and how harmful it can get.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

5 Ways to Identify Demodectic Mange – Exactly what the title says. There are four symptoms in total to look out for, as well as a fool-proof way to find out if your dog has demodectic mange.


Demodectic Mange Treatments: A Basic Overview – This article is full of information about the different kinds of treatment that have been used for curing demodectic mange. Read this to get a basic knowledge of the many different options available, then move on to more detailed articles on the treatment method of your choice.

Demodectic Mange Treatments Overview: Vet Approved Medicines – Most, if not all vets issue the same three prescription drugs for demodectic mange. Find out what they are, how they work and why they may not be the best choice for your dog.

Using Ivermectin for Demodectic Mange, Explained – Ivermectin is one of the most commonly prescribed medicines by vets to treat demodectic mange. It’s safe and reliable… or is it? Find out how this drug really deals with this skin problem and learn why it’s not the wonderdrug it claims to be.

Mitaban for Demodectic Mange: Friend of Foe? – Mitaban is a treatment method that has its own share of supporters and critics. Nobody doubts that Mitaban does its job well… but what exactly is it meant to do? And is it in the best interests of your dog? Read this article to find out more.

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