Your trusty guide to dog skin problems



Source: Wiki Commons

Fleas, along with dog mange, are the classic dog skin problem. They’re parasites that jump on your dog and attempt to feed on his blood, causing all sorts of problems in the process.

These insects pose a real threat if not properly handled, and are known to even attack humans on occasion. Worse still, eradicating them is no easy task.

The articles below offer all the information you need to understand and treat this particular skin problem.

1.) Fleas On Dogs, Part One: Where, Why and How – This first article aims to help you understand more about fleas and their habits, such as their life cycles, method of attack and preferred habitats.

2.) Fleas On Dogs, Part Two: Dog Treatments – The second article will educate you on the various forms of dog medication on the market, designed to eliminate fleas and prevent them from performing any further attacks on your dog. That’s not all – it also compares the different methods and weighs their pros and cons so that you have a better understanding of the treatments available to you.

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