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It Might Look Bad, But There’s No Need For Euthanasia!

April 13th, 2012 | Posted by stong in Demodectic Mange

It’s depressing to think that many people don’t know how to handle skin problems on their dogs. They take one look at the rashes covering the body and they just go, ‘Well I guess there’s no hope left for him/her’. That’s just wrong!

Luckily for the dog in this story, she was saved just before her scheduled euthanasia, and nursed back to health shortly afterwards.

I think it’s important for all dog owners to know that no matter how bad the skin is looking, it doesn’t mean that a dog is terminally ill. They just need some extra care and a little fixing up. And I suppose the other lesson to be learned here is that there’s always a way out, so for those of you who are struggling with an ongoing skin condition that’s causing you sleepless nights, keep at it! Recovery is definitely possible.

Link to the article: A Dog Shouldn’t Be Put Down Because of Its Looks

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