Your trusty guide to dog skin problems

Demodectic Mange is a single specific skin problem in dogs, but what people usually don’t realize is that it’s often categorized into two types: localized and generalized. The main difference between the two is the severity of the symptoms in each type, but there are others as well, such as the locations of these symptoms … Read more

It’s no question that demodectic mange can be a tough problem to troubleshoot, and the earlier it’s discovered, the higher the chances of a swift recovery. But here’s the problem: how do we identify a case of demodectic mange in its earliest stages? To be honest, spotting an early sign of the skin problem is … Read more

Demodectic mange is a condition caused by the demodex mite, and is one of two possible types of mange that can affect your dog. Mange is responsible for many different skin problems known to dogs, and they are resilient enough to require constant care and attention in order to get rid of them. The first … Read more

Demodectic Mange: 4 Questions You Need To Ask

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Demodectic mange is one of two different types of a skin problem called mange, which affects dogs around the world. The demodectic type may look like the milder version of the two, but it doesn’t mean that it can be taken lightly – if spotted in older dogs, it could mean the presence of other, … Read more

Dog Mange: Why Bugs Are Mean

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Mange is a skin disease that may occur on dogs, which are entirely caused by the presence of mites that cause harm and discomfort by being attaching themselves onto your dog to feed; in other words, they are parasites. Pretty similar to fleas, but these little guys are tiny in comparison. They’re no less deadly, … Read more