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As you’ll probably learn by now, demodectic mange doesn’t discriminate between puppies and adult dogs. At all ages, the unmistakable signs of hair loss and reddish skin are almost always indicators of the skin problem. It’s normal for anyone unfamiliar with mange to panic at the sight; after all, nobody wants to see their furkids … Read more

Most demodectic mange treatments are mainly focused on eradicating the demodex mites on the body, as well as boosting the dog’s immune system. These are proven ways of curing the skin problem and are the key to recovery, but they don’t actually speed up the healing process of the damaged skin. Obviously, the fur will … Read more

The canine version of demodectic mange is primarily caused by an overpopulation of demodex mites on a dog’s body. The activities of these mites on the body aggravate the skin, causing widespread hair loss and red sores to appear, both of which are symptoms of the mange. There are numerous ways to treat the skin … Read more

Most people think that demodectic mange requires a complex treatment procedure for getting rid of the skin problem, so they usually get things like Ivermectin or Mitaban dips. These things are indeed complex, and for the most part, they do get the job done. However, there is always a chance of the medicines failing to … Read more

Here’s a bit of news about a couple who has tried their best, but were unsuccessful in treating their dog’s mange:   A COUPLE failed to properly treat their dog for a skin condition, a court heard. Sammy Jo Webb and Carl Farley’s Staffordshire bull terrier had the one of the worst cases of mange … Read more

Vaseline is an extremely well-known brand of petroleum jelly. It’s so popular that the brand name is synonymous with the product itself, kind of like how Google is a synonym for internet search engines. It’s also one of the most commonly suggested remedies for demodectic mange, although any kind of petroleum jelly is more or … Read more

Among other things, the skin problem is well-known for decimating the hair on dogs, causing large clumps of hair to drop and huge areas of red sores after that in serious cases. Therefore, it’s not a big surprise to learn that one of the surest signs of recovery for demodectic mange in dogs is the … Read more

The Easiest Home Remedy for Demodectic Mange

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When you think about home remedies for demodectic mange, you may perhaps think of unconventional methods of getting rid of the skin problem. Sometimes these solutions can even seem downright strange, like pouring motor oil on your dog. The funniest thing is that it seems the more unlikely or strange the remedy is, the more … Read more

Use Nu-Stock To Treat Demodectic Mange At Home

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There are more than a few ways to treat demodectic mange. Some of them are more commonly known, like Ivermectin or Mitaban dips. These are usually given by vets, and are typically administered for more severe cases of the skin problem, which is also known as ‘generalized mange’. But what if your dog has localized … Read more

Does Motor Oil Really Help Against Demodectic Mange?

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You may have heard this one before: “If your dog has demodectic mange, just get some motor oil and rub it on the infected parts. It’ll get better, trust me!” This remedy has all the features of an old wives’ tale. A rumor heard from a bar somewhere? Check. Advice supposedly passed down from ‘seasoned … Read more