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Use Nu-Stock To Treat Demodectic Mange At Home

May 2nd, 2012 | Posted by stong in Demodectic Mange

There are more than a few ways to treat demodectic mange. Some of them are more commonly known, like Ivermectin or Mitaban dips. These are usually given by vets, and are typically administered for more severe cases of the skin problem, which is also known as ‘generalized mange’. But what if your dog has localized mange instead, which typically translates to just a few bald spots here and there?

Because drugs like Ivermectin or Mitaban are considered the absolute last resort by many dog owners, it wouldn’t be wrong to hesitate on using it for cases of localized demodectic mange. On the contrary, most look towards simpler home remedies as their solution, with Nu-Stock being one of them.

What exactly is Nu-Stock?

Nu-Stock is a brand of medicated balm typically sold in tubes and jars. It’s original use was as a general purpose remedy for damaged skin in dogs, but it’s also extremely proficient in getting rid of demodectic mange. According to the makers, Nu-Stock “has proven to be effective for fast relief of animal skin, hair and fur conditions”.

What is nu-stock made of?

Nu-stock is primarily composed of sulphur, which is an excellent anti-parasitic substance. It also contains mineral oil and pine oil, to help lubricate and spread the solution.

How does one use the product?

Nu-Stock is a balm-like medicine, so it’s meant to be applied onto the skin. However, the area must be washed and left to dry first before application to ensure best results. This can be done once every three weeks.

How effective is it?

Just like many things in life, opinions are mixed regarding Nu-Stock’s effectiveness. Some have experienced extremely rapid recovery after only two applications, while others had to repeat the process for a much longer time.

In my opinion, using Nu-Stock as a remedy for demodectic mange is possible, provided the owner also reinforces it with other anti-mange methods. This would enhance the healing effect and speed up the process.

Is there anything to take note of when using the product?

The usual things apply: the substance must be kept out of contact from the eyes, mouth and other sensitive areas. It’s best to apply the balm somewhere your dog can’t lick. Apart from that, do note that Nu-Stock is primarily made of sulphur, and sulphur stains easily. It could turn your dog’s fur (and possibly your hand as well) slightly yellow, so that’s worth keeping in mind.


Nu-Stock may be an excellent home remedy for demodectic mange, but there’s still a chance the skin problem will remain. Why not back it up with some solid remedies that will get rid of AND prevent the mange from creeping back in? Click here to find out more.

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