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Hello you! Please allow me and Dusty (the adorable dog on the right) to welcome you to Dog Skin Treatments!

This website is built by me so that dog owners all over the world can learn more about the various skin problems that can cause trouble for us and our dogs. I personally have had more than my fair share of those with Dusty, so I know that getting lots of information about a new skin problem that just cropped up is really important for us owners. After all, there’s nothing worse than seeing your favorite pet in pain with absolutely no idea how to help!

What does this site offer?

At the most basic level, this website will provide lots of information about all sorts of dog-related skin illnesses in the form of articles. These articles are divided into categories according to skin problem type, and they cover anything from root causes, various symptoms and the methods of treatment available, including some discussion on whether the treatment itself is genuinely helpful or pure rubbish. As you can see, I do try to go into detail quite a bit!

Here’s a list of the topics that I’m covering right now; all of them have at least one article that discusses an aspect of that topic, so please do click on the ones that interest you to learn more about them.

- Demodectic Mange

- Yeast Infections

- Fleas

- Accral Lick Dermatitis

- Hot Spots

As you can see, the list isn’t exactly huge as yet, so there’s still a lot of building to do. If you have a suggestion of what I can add, do drop me an e-mail at ‘[email protected]’.

Free E-Course

The series of E-Courses are specially designed by me to help give you a solid guide to getting rid of the skin problem plaguing your dog right this moment. I don’t charge for them, and to be honest, I do quite a lot of research before I plan out the E-Course, so you can be sure that I’m only giving you the best advice found in the internet. If you’re desperate and/or running out of options, why not give it a try?

If you don’t see your preferred E-Course, just shoot me and e-mail and I’ll make sure it’ll move up on my priority list.

Product Reviews

From time to time, I will post a review of a selected product that claims to be helpful to dog skin problems. I study the product itself and tell you what it’s really made of, and if it’s worth the money and your time. Who knows – what you find there might just be right up your alley.


So there you go – everything there is to offer on this website. I do have a small section solely about me and my dog, but reading that isn’t compulsory, I swear.

In any case, I will now clumsily reference a U2 song, and sincerely hope that you do find what you’re looking for.


Hope your dog gets better!


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