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When Can You See an Improvement On Your Dog’s Skin After Demodectic Mange?

May 7th, 2012 | Posted by stong in Demodectic Mange

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Among other things, the skin problem is well-known for decimating the hair on dogs, causing large clumps of hair to drop and huge areas of red sores after that in serious cases. Therefore, it’s not a big surprise to learn that one of the surest signs of recovery for demodectic mange in dogs is the gradual regrowth of fur itself.

But how long does it take for that to happen? Unfortunately, the answer varies a lot. What can happen in just a couple of days for some people occur only a month later for others, and any day in-between as well.

I believe that the key to faster fur regrowth is directly linked to the number of mites on the body, versus the immunity level of your dog. Think about it: the mites typically live within the hair follicles, which irritates them and causes the hair to fall out. Therefore, as long as the mites are gone or are sufficiently suppressed by your dog’s immune system, the hair is free to grow without any restrictions.

So in a nutshell, if your demodectic mange treatment or home remedy is working as intended and doing enough to keep the mites at bay, you can expect to see signs of improvement fairly soon.

Here’s a paradox to chew over: Don’t concentrate on the results, in order to get results. It’s a rather zen-like thought, but it basically means that focusing more on getting your dog’s immunity high and the mite population low will help much more than reacting to any sign of fur regrowth, or lack thereof.

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