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Which part of the body does your dog’s demodectic mange symptoms first appear?

April 20th, 2012 | Posted by stong in Demodectic Mange

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It’s no question that demodectic mange can be a tough problem to troubleshoot, and the earlier it’s discovered, the higher the chances of a swift recovery. But here’s the problem: how do we identify a case of demodectic mange in its earliest stages?

To be honest, spotting an early sign of the skin problem is pretty easy. It’s always going to be a few bald spots about the size of a coin, so keep that in mind when you’re checking your dog’s fur.

The thing to note is that demodectic mange typically follows a set pattern with no deviations, and it’s always going to start with bald spots first.

These bald spots don’t show up at random, too – they almost always appear in the same places, like the head, ears or feet. In fact, the head is the first place you should look at, because demodectic mange usually starts from there. Definitely pay attention to the area around the eyes, the mouth and ears; if you see an obvious patch of naked skin amidst all the fur, it’s almost certain that your dog has mange.

Don’t discount the feet and legs as well, as they can be one of the first few parts of the body to be affected aside from the head.

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